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curl-6 said:

Rise of the Tomb Raider got a very decent port to the Xbox 360, a system significantly weaker than the Switch, and that's a 30fps AAA Xbox One/PS4 game.

While not everything on PS4/Xbone would be a good fit for Switch, I think games like Monster Hunter World, Dark Souls 3, or RE7 would be viable for porting.

Heck, back on the Wii Treyarch managed to port the PS3/360 COD games, and that was a far steeper power gap than Switch vs PS4/Xbone.

Rise of the Tomb Raider looks significantly different between the 360/One ... (there's a lot of changes to the graphics rather than being a simple down port and the game itself was intended to be cross gen just like Shadow of Morder, Watch Dogs or Dragon Age: Inquisition but some of those projects don't pan out like Techland's Dying Light) 

Dark Souls 3 is iffy since it's a game that scales well on PS4 Pro but it has a lower performance profile compared to RotTR (the game ran 1080p30 on the One while DS3 ran at 900p30fps) and the Switch won't be able to run Monster Hunter World with all of it's content or mechanics in tact since the beta frequently dipped below 30FPS on base PS4 and it doesn't scale well on PS4 Pro either ... 

COD games on the Wii also weren't straight ports from the PS3/360 versions, some of the mechanics had to be changed ... 

Never said it wouldn't look significantly different, but downgrades are acceptable provided they're well judged. Doom was cut back substantially on Switch but was still a great experience.

MHW is nothing special graphically by PS4 standards, doesn't even look as good as Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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