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As had already been said, most third parties probably expected Switch to flop after the Wii U, so they would've adopted a wait and see attitude. By late last year it became clear the system was set for success, but any games started then won't be ready yet.

Barkley said:

Because it'd take more downgrades and changes then they're willing to make, Doom just scrapes in the acceptable mark on switch and that's a game that ran at 1080p/60fps on the ps4, the majority of the big games do not run that well on ps4. Which is why the big new open-world games just won't come to the Switch.

To be fair, neither the 1080p nor the 60fps are locked on PS4, and on Xbox One the resolution drops to around "828p or lower" and the framerate into the 40s, so it's not like the game isn't demanding even on dedicated consoles.

captain carot said:
Others show few to no support so far, like Take Two or Acrtivision. Partially their games have flopped though on Nintendo hardware within the last ten years and partially even if you do port stuff it takes time.

Activision had a lot of success of the Wii; Skylanders, Goldeneye 007, COD3/W@W/MW/BO...

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