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Its called forced tokenism (Rose) and bad screen writing (Lukes treatment, Holdos plan, Snokes demise).

And then there is Disney. Making out Phasma, Snoke to be so badass that you just have to buy their latest toys and figures.

Sad thing is Finn had and arc in the last movie. Now he is reduced to mooching around a casino ( which Disney want you to visit) with a pointless character ( which was created to bring the chinese audiance to the cinema, lol at how that turned out).

Make not mistake about it. No thought was put into the script, arc or how it ties with the mythology of Star Wars. Disney just want to sell toy, have you visit Star Wars Land and go to the proposed "Skywalker-less trilogy" which I hope is put on the backburner.

If Jar Jar Abrams has any respect, he will retcon the crap from TLJ and give fans what they want.