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thismeintiel said:

Not really sure why people use Famitsu, when the companies use Mediacreate. Using Famitsu is like using VGC over NPD. Sure, Famitsu probably has more data points than VGC, but Mediacreate is going to be more accurate, anyway.

BTW, they say Switch did 270K this past week. Still great.

I kinda agree with that. But of course the comparation is kinda extreme since, you know, VGChartz numbers are wrong most of the time and get adjusted, VGC has like < 0,5% of the market tracked compared to like >95% of NPD, and we talk about banned numbers.


Is not the same as Media Create or Famitsu, which are both good sources... still agree about people using Famitsu when Nintendo use Media Create.

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