Azuren said:

1. Luke's one gift in life was his pilot skills, which was attained through practice, not by virtue of being a female Protagonist.

4. Luke was roughly on Han's level of skill when manning the guns in the MF; Rey is a goddess with all forms of technology even though that's not how the force works.

6. Luke not only lost his first lightsaber duel, but lost a damn hand in the process and nearly died; Rey humiliated Kylo, whose only disadvantage seemed to be because he was male.

Regardless of the other points, what does her gender have to do with anything? Why is there such an issue with having a female hero in a movie like Star Wars? It kind of reminds me of people being upset about having a female Doctor Who :).

1. Rey has not lived a protected life and had to struggle all through her upbringing. This gives her another set of abilities than Luke, for better and for worse. In what way does the movie claim she is better because she is a female?

6. Rey is likely very capable at that type of fighting, she has her staff and knows how do be effective in combat. How does the movie portray him as bad because he is a male? Is captain Phasmas only disadvantage that she is a woman aswell?