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JRPGfan said:
There was a time when it was normal to sell 80m+ total hardware units in 1 year? O_o

It only happened the two times. It was the peak of the console industry. 5 successful pieces of hardware - PSP, Xb360, and PS3 selling each above 10 million both those years. The Wii and DS combined selling about 100M units during the 2 years.

Commenting on another above post. I don’t think economic factors impact the gaming industry a great deal. 2008/2009 was the middle of a worldwide economic crisis, and console sales were higher than ever. The main reasons for the decade of decline are the rise of mobile and browser/cheap PC gaming. The sales decline ended because the declining sales of PSV, 360, PS3, Wii, & Wii U didn’t have any more room left to decline; XBOne, PS4, and 3DS holding fairly strong to 2016 numbers; and the addition of the Switch has added a lot of sales. If it weren’t for the Switch, there would likely still be a small decline we’d be at 22M, now, with 15M consoles to sell in November and December instead of 30M with only 7M to to go.

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