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Forums - Sales Discussion - 2017 will see the first rise in total hardware sales year over year since 2008

The spectacular launch of the Switch, in addition to maintained sales from PS4 sales, 3DS, and XBOne, is putting an end to nearly a decade of decline in the Video game hardware industry.

According to VG Chartz, every single year since 2008 has seen a decline in total video game hardware sales. 2016 saw 37M, down from 2008’s 89M+ peak. Current October 2017 numbers already show numbers above 30M hardware sold, all but confirming that 2017 will see a significant rise over 2016.

2008 - 89,018,319 (+19%)
2009 - 81,883,426 (-8%)
2010 - 74,335,343 (-9%)
2011 - 69,988,590 (-6%)
2012 - 55,175,934 (-20%)
2013 - 48,425,522 (-11%)
2014 - 45,765,599 (-4%)
2015 - 41,953,909 (-7%)
2016 - 37,641,198 (-10%)
2017 - TBD

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I think i made a prediction thread about this earlier this year.

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Well, I actually would say that it isn't that surprising, considering that the Wii U, 3DS PS Vita and now even the 360 all seem to be tracking behind their predecessors, so there needed to be a new console like the Switch in order to inject more life into the sales figures.

The economy has improved a lot this year. Retail holiday sales are also up. So this increase in video games sales makes sense.

That's great news. I hope Battlefront 2 fails, and EA goes out of business. Did I do it right?

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With two new hardware on the market, there's a strong chance it can earn that 10% back.

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Now that Nintendo is back into the race, it definitely should be up

PS4 and Xbox aren't slowing down either

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There was a time when it was normal to sell 80m+ total hardware units in 1 year? O_o

JRPGfan said:
There was a time when it was normal to sell 80m+ total hardware units in 1 year? O_o

Yeah when consoles were cheap. PS2,DS, Wii, PSP were all pretty cheap. PS3 and 360 never got cheap, and we saw 0 legs from them, and as a result we get record launches for PS4 and XB1.

Of course a thread that is about positive stuff like this one doesn't have many posts...
Anyway, I'm surprised that sales declined even with the launch of the PS4/X1. I guess the decline of the PS3/360 was just way too much.