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Azuren said:
EricHiggin said:

Yes I am. Same reason why anyone else uses Ninty, Big N, PS, MS, XB, etc. The fact that Switch is also part of the title and initial post, seemed pretty clear what it was about as far as I'm concerned. I haven't seen anyone else question such short forms unless they are brand new to the concept, or trying to figure out what to call the Xbox One X for example. I can understand the jokers, but I would think a thread about Nine Inch Nails wouldn't talk about the Switch and it's future, and would be in the music discussion section.

If I would have put Nin would that have made more sense somehow? I just use capital N's since PS, MS, and XB, all use caps as well, but using NIN seemed to much like Nine Inch Nails, so I use NiN with a lower case 'i' instead. Is it really a requirement that I add the 'ty' to be understood by the community?

Then why not say Nin? Seriously, the capitalization just confuses.

Done. Hopefully this solves the problem, but I have my doubts.