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The Switch is here and is doing very well, and hopefully continues. Many people have said the Switch is basically Nin's new single platform that all future Nin devices will revolve around, which makes a lot of sense from a business perspective (Switch Lite, Switch, Switch XL, etc). This is Nin however, the company that loves to, and seems to go out of their way to innovate. The same company that went from the Gamecube, to Wii, to Wii U, to Switch.

How long could Nin simply upgrade Switch and possibly have add on's like a VR headset or a 4k boost dock? Will the Wii U and it's similarity to the Wii, in terms of the name, the console design, etc, deter Nin from just making another Switch? Would Nin fans be ok with nothing but Switch form factors and upgrades with minor innovations for the foreseeable future?

Even if Nin stays on the Switch path, how long before they come out with another completely different product aside from Switch? Maybe Nin will continue with a hybrid and handheld future. I for one don't see why Nin wouldn't eventually drop the DS line and create a Switch version to take it's place if they were going to create another dedicated handheld. That really doesn't seem like the typical Nin way to me though.

*NiN changed to Nin. I figure I'll also mention that I used "completely new", instead of just new, so that people wouldn't be confused with something like a new new DS handheld or N64 mini etc. That wasn't clear obviously, and neither was NiN. My bad I guess.

Last edited by EricHiggin - on 05 December 2017