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I went from full PC to full console.

I've had waaaay too much hassle with games crashing all the time for no apparent reason. Sure that might happen on console too once in a while but nowhere near as often. Some games might even refuse to start at all on PC. That can't happen on consoles.

I always laugh when I see AngryJoe reviewing a game and complaining about crashes. I'm like, what did you expect since you moved from primarily console gaming to PC? Of course you're getting more crashes.

On PC, you're also always tempted to get a new hardware upgrade, which is really expensive in the long run. Sure, your can build a decent rig for a fair price (that's no doubt, still more expensive than a console). It might even let you play current games on nearly the highest settings. But in two or three years that might change to medium settings and that's the point where you're probably doing an upgrade here and an upgrade there.

Achievements. (Don't get me started about the problems with Steam achievements....)

I'm a collector, so I despise digital games. I don't like the idea of not having something physical. I don't see any value in that. What's the difference then of buying a digital game and pirating a game? Even the files are identical (except of the executable file after being cracked).

I still use my PC a lot, as in multiple hours daily. Just not for gaming anymore.