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Ka-pi96 said:

You can delete moderations now? How about this one then...

01/04/15 03:07 RavenXtra   (Disregard previous moderation. Ban was given in haste and when discussed with other mods it was decided to be removed.)  
01/04/15 01:02 RavenXtra Ban Trolling (In addition to posts like these (, you are clearly not interested in having an open discussion and are more interested in exploiting the already tense situation that's developed here. There has been 2 stern warnings in this thread already and yet you continue. Take a few days off and reconsider this behavior in the future.)

You could also delete these two as well...

07/26/14 18:52 Conegamer Ban Spamming (Congrats on 45k posts in the Xbox Nation thread! ) Banned 1 days 6531194
07/13/14 22:36 Conegamer Ban Other (You should never have doubted the power of Germany or the omniscience of Slade! Now you shall be banned for your ignorance.)

i agree with deleting the first three moderations. Doubting Germany is definitely ban worthy though.

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