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Some things I liked about the movie:


Michael Keaton as Vulture works on so many levels.


The crush Liz was hot.


Tom Holland and the Vulture finding out who each other is was acted perfectly.


Spiderman using his bootleg suit for the final encounter was really cool.


Stuff I didn't like:


Zendaya as MJ. WTF? I don't care that she is black or even that they want to make her MJ but she serves no purpose in the movie. She acts like a bitch for no reason. Nothing about her is likable.


Flash, also some race swapping casting. It was just a bad interpretation of the character but paradoxically it is also the most memorable and he has the most screentime. No one remembers the previous actors to play Flash.


At no point do Spiderman and Iron Man fight side by side like the ads hinted at.


Why the fuck does Spiderman drive a car? He's Spiderman.


This incarnation of Spiderman does not seem to have spider senses.


Vultures plan was dumb. It's a problem I have with a lot of movie robbers. If robbing is so profitable, why do you have to keep doing it so often?

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