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Nautilus said:
StarOcean said:
As a Wii U owner, no. It's not. And it's just a lazy way to make the year look better for the system than it is. I mean we got, what? Mario Kart, Pokken, Rayman Legends, Lego City Undercover, DQX (Japan), and I'm sure much much more.

Jesus, imagine if this had been a regular Nintendo console with BC. This year wouldn't be much better than previous years! With the only (major) exclusive being Mario. Which is cool, but currently it's "must buy" is a game originally intended as a Wii U exclusive. Which is, in my opinion, extremely pathetic.

But Star, thats kind of the reality of every single new hardware, specially the one that needs a new arquitecture and thus has no BC(like the PS4 and XOne).

I dont think, in the end, is a bad thing, as things stand.From Nintendo, we are getting 2 ports this year.Only two.From third party there are more, but thats because they were silly in not supporting the Switch earlier, for the most part, and the best they can do now is ports.As for indies, they have been excellent so far.A few ports here and there yeah, but many are new games and in a great quantity and quality too.

Personally, being a Wii U owner myself, I dont feel bothered at all with the way they are handling ports now.I even wish they port community heavy games like Mario Maker, which I didnt bought because it was late at the Wii U life and we already knew about the Switch.Or rather, make a Mario Maker 2 that has all the content of the first with new things.

All in all, is a good business decision and a great oportunity for gamers to enjoy great games.

It's bad. And you can try justifying it all you want. But in the end it won't change my opinion of it