Anyone played Blaster Master Zero or Wonder Boy? The former has some interesting HD rumble usage while the latter is very subtle.

Arkaign said:
Don't care about it, never have. Switch has the best implementation yet, but it's still a huge meh. I'd trade rumble for a quality dpad in a flash, just like I'd trade rumble on the DS4 for a better battery. I'm not complaining about it, but meh.

I find it way better than the normal rumble which I normally felt to overpowering. These LRA have less power but more frequencies, and in some cases you do notice and appreciate it.

palou said:
Most reviewers were actually quite convinced by the HD rumble implemented in Mario Kart, apparently immitates ground textures.

I remember reading about that you would be able to feel the ground. Did a quick search before and nothing came up.

GoOnKid said:

Some games in 1-2 Switch make very good use of HD rumble like Soda shaking, cow milking, safe cracker and marble guessing. Especially marble guessing, I am an expert here. These games wouldn't be half as good without HD rumble or even possible. I'm eager to find out how developers will use it in future games.

Maybe I judged the marble guessing too early, but wasn't floored by my initial impression. I agree with the first two though, like I mention in the OP the soda bubbles are in there somehow.

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