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Ryng_Tolu said:
Dr.Vita said:

Holidays? With which game will Wii U dominate holidays? And Vita is probably getting a huge price-cut which will obviously give the hardware a very very huge boost! And with new bundles and a little bit of marketing I can see Vita beating Wii U in the holidays! E3 will be very interesting for Vita imo. 

Overtracked? You know that Vita is still undertracked in 2014 and Wii U is still overtracked in 2014? And 2015 is probably also undertracked for PS Vita. China numbers are way too low, January and February are still undertracked in North America (look at NPD numbers). Just because Vita is outselling Wii U doesn't mean that it is overtracked. Wii U got much more love, support, marketing and exclusive games than Vita since 2015 and Vita still could outsell it. And don't come with holidays, we don't know what we will see this holidays for both consoles. 

"With which game will Wii U dominate holidays? And Vita is probably getting a huge price-cut"


WU also is gonna to have a pricedrop, and PSV has NOTHING in term of released. At least WU have XenoBlade and maybe Star Fox, and some games will be annunced this E3, PSV? Nothing, outside Japan. Resident Evil will hardly bomb, we all know, by 2013, all PSV non-japan games have flopped hard, just in 2012 some games like Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, and Call of Duty Black Ops have sold "decent". Even Sony say that Vita is nothing outside Japan. So yeah...

And E3 will be nothing for Vita.  like last year. and the year before that...


"China numbers are way too low," PSVita sold just 20k in China.

Sony ship 400k PSVita the last quarter, and PSVita sold some like... 550,000 according to VGChartz in the same quarter.

I didn't say that Vita is overtracked lifetime, i say that is probabily overtracked this week, the week ending 16 May 2015.

and seem legit, according to VGChartz PSV sold in Europe x2.5 than in US...? PSV sell more in Europe than in the US, but there is no way for sell +150% more...


"And don't come with holidays, we don't know what we will see this holidays for both consoles. "

Yes, we already know, ALL know what will happen this holidays, and all know that WU will crush PSV as the usual, even withouth games and even withouth pricedrop, WU will still beat PSV by a huge margin.

WU last year only in the US have beat PSV in JP+US, this year there is a massive chance for WU in the US outsell PSV GLOBALLY in all 2015, just thanks the holidays. you will see.

So Star Fox and Xenoblade Chronicles X are system sellers? No... Xenoblade Chronicles X won't even reach 1M.

Vita has nothing outside of Japan? How do you know that? This is just speculation. Last year was the same at this time and we got Freedom Wars and Tales of Hearts R, 2 big AAA games. This year is looking even better than last year, we could see God Eater 2: Rage Burst (trademark for Europe), Digimon: Cyber Sleuth (petition which reached the goal), Assassin's Creed: Chronicles (trademark), Tales of Innocence R, Tokyo Xanadu, Resident Evil Revelations 2 (why are you saying that this game will do bad? Borderlands 2 was a bad and late port and did decent on Vita)... These are all big AAA games which we could/will see this year for PS Vita! And I am sure that we will see more games than only them this year!

Vita had bad software sales last year? Just take a look at Minecraft: Playstation Vita Edition, the game is doing almost as good as the Xbox One version! Killzone Mercenary and Freedom Wars had good sales last year too! 

There were leaks about a PS Vita price-cut, there weren't and there is no leak of a Wii U price-cut. It is more possible to see a Vita price-cut than a Wii U price-cut.

Please give me a proof where Sony say that Vita is nothing outside of Japan.  

And even if Vita did only 21k in China, it is still undertracked in that week!

You know that Vita could have been overshipped Q4 2014? This is is very possible imo. 

Holidays... You really think that Wii U will kill Vita without games and without a price-cut? If Vita will get the massive price-cut, it can outsell Wii U in holidays! This year Wii U has no system sellers and NX has already been teased, Wii U's life is pretty much finished.

And isn't it embarrassing to compare the Nintendo home console which is getting so much software and marketing from Nintendo with the Playstation handheld which is getting barely games from Sony and has almost no marketing? We should compare Wii U with PS4, PS4 is pretty much killing Wii U. Already outsold it 2x and released 1 year after Wii U! Should I also mention that PS4 already outsold the Gamecube though PS4 is just one and a half years old? 

I don't want to continue this discussion, it makes no sense to discuss. I am not going to reply anymore.
I want to use my time more useful!