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pokoko said:
4). They are seemingly incompetent at working cooperatively with western studios. People say they shouldn't do it but the real issue is that they CAN'T do it. If they COULD, the same people blaming third-parties now would be all for it. It's not about sucking up, it's about forging business partnerships that create a mutually beneficial environment. You know, like almost every other company in every other industry does? Yeah, like that.

Seriously, how many people are angry about third party Japanese games? How many people are yelling that Nintendo should stop "sucking up" and kick Youkai Watch or Bravely Default to the curb? Hmm, no? Those seem to be okay? My hypocrisy sense is tingling.

This whole batch of third party hate reminds me of when my cousin was a kid. He was really self-centered, even for a child. All his toys were awesome but if you had something he didn't have, he'd pout and call it "stupid". When he'd come over, that's all I heard. I remember getting in trouble for hitting him with a cardboard box because he was so annoying.

The whole crux of the matter is that NoA fails at establishing competent developer relationships. Stop rationalizing that.

Is that really true? Does Nintendo really just have to be polite and everything will fall into line? You say they need to establish developer relations...but how? The problem is that publishers have decided that they don't like making games for Nintendo consoles, typically for sales reasons (which are often unfounded (see Mass Effect 3, Rayman Legends etc).

We know it isn't all about power for reasons like the fact that the Wii U missed out on a lot of games despite being powerful enough (games that PS3/360 got). What can Nintendo do without somehow promising more sales?

I'm not going to get all conspiracy theorist in this post and talk about how there could be a viable market on Nintendo consoles if third parties took a more fair stance towards the Wii U, but I believe that is a valid line of thinking too...