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Planetaryseizure said:
tbone51 said:
Planetaryseizure said:
AZWification said:
Ucell said:
I think Watch Dogs on all platforms combined will have a higher debut.

Wow! A game that came out for the X1, PS4, 360, PS3 and PC has a higher debut than a WiiU game? Who would have thought?!

The ps4 version alone outsold Mario KArt..................

But it wont lifetime :-/

No never said it would, considering Watch dogs is a new IP, still pretty impressove.

oh yes, given credit where its due. Watchdogs is very impressive. Biggest news in awhile in fact. MK8 was great cuz most people didn't expect anything from it truthfully to this extent. Just these two are clashing cuz its released same week. If MK8 was put next to lets say Titanfall.... Well you get the point. (i know Titanfall is a new IP but that Marketing+HYPE made it seem like it was going to be HUGE :0 )