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Asked whether From Software and Namco ever considered a Wii U port, Miyazoe bluntly replies: “No.” When asked why, he explodes with laughter. “Wii U never came up, and we never doubted that (decision) either,” he says. “It was more of a company decision, so I wasn’t the one that decided this, but I think the audience for the Wii U is a lot different from the audience for Dark Souls.”

I don't get the mentalitly. I get why developers are hesitant to jump on the Wii U but even if the Wii U was a success it wouldn't have changed their minds. Wii didn't dark souls despite being an ugly game. Of course there is no audience for Dark souls when there is no Dark Souls.

I am exploding with laughter.

It's not like Dark Souls has SO MANY FANS on the HD consoles. It sold 2 millions combined on both, PS3 and X360.

160 million install base and it only managed to shift 2 million copies despite being a critical hit. Why was there no Wii version? The game is ugly and it fits the Wii controls. I would've tested the waters with a Wii version at least.