pokoko said:
Snesboy said:

That's because of faggots like Pachter and shitty developers that hate Nintendo AKA all developers that don't develop for Nintendo platforms, exceptions being Valve and Blizzard.

Santa Monica Studios can suck my ass. And "Epic" more like Shitty Games. And EA. And any fuckface that makes games for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Everyone bitches about how Nintendo should make a Wii HD and they'd buy if there was one and Nintendo makes it and no one buys it.

I know, right?  I can't BELIEVE that Santa Monica Studios won't make any games for the Wii U.

The bitterness is strong.

On topic, no, they can't get rid of the gamepad at this point.  However, they should shift emphasis away from the gamepad.  They need to show people that the Wii U is ALSO the Wii 2 and can play all those casual games with the Wiimote just like the Wii.  That might win back some of the casual crowd.  Otherwise, they stand to lose a lot of those people to Microsoft and Kinect 2.0.  You can bet that the 720 will show off motion controls from Day One.

Necrobumping this to tell you that Persona sucks.


-Mr Khan