UncleScrooge said:

They SHOULD have made the Gamepad optional to begin with. But now it's too late for that and they can't do a roll backwards. So at this point, no.

But you are right the Gamepad was a bad idea. I like it a lot personally but it's just too expensive and too complicated for 90% of the world's population. Nintendo wanted to satisfy the core and the mass market with the tablet but failed to satisfy either... how ironic. I still fail to understand why they didn't just make a Wiimote 2.0 (better motion tracking, better speakers, built in battery, new design) + camera sensor (Kinect-like) combo and put a damn classic controller into the core package. That way classic controllers and Wiimotes would've been the standard, devs would've been happy, manufacturing costs would be lower and both the core and the expanded market would have been satisfied. But nope, Nintendo had to go with the monster tablet.

That's because of faggots like Pachter and shitty developers that hate Nintendo AKA all developers that don't develop for Nintendo platforms, exceptions being Valve and Blizzard.

Santa Monica Studios can suck my ass. And "Epic" more like Shitty Games. And EA. And any fuckface that makes games for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Everyone bitches about how Nintendo should make a Wii HD and they'd buy if there was one and Nintendo makes it and no one buys it.

And lastly, shut up about the Wii U being a failure. It's not. You're on VGChartz. You should be at least smart enough to look up sales of Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U. If you align their launches, they have both had the same performance sales wise so far. I'd start calling the doom of Nintendo in a year when Wii U hasn't sold 10 million units. And even then, I'm not going to start saying Nintendo is doomed anyway because I'm not a moron. Nintendo will always have money because they are a profitable company, unlike Sony and Microsoft who just throw billions away just to have videogame consoles.

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