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spurgeonryan said:
Could you post the link to this masterpiece of an article please?

Here ya go!


Pineapple said:

Oi! What the heck? I have no recollection of ever making that thread. I'm not doubting that I did, but it's by far the biggest piece of rubbish I've ever written, and quite up there in terms of everything I've read.

I admit, I was extremely surprised when I read it the first time. I just assumed your brother had gotten his hands on your account or some such.


forest-spirit said:
Nintengirls. It's about time really.

With 3D and touch controls? You, sir, are a genius.

Just don't make it too realistic, or the target audience will get scared off.


RolStoppable said:

Personally, I'd like to see a reboot of Adventures of Lolo as an action platformer with a mature storyline. Nintendo shouldn't shy away from showing Lala's legs and much more. Collecting 100 of her panties will earn you an extra life,

"In this gritty re-imagining of the Lolo series, Lolo is an addict who is constantly prowling the streets in search of enough money to buy his next high. Initial hits are cheap, but as the game wears on prices keep skyrocketing, and the streets grow meaner as night falls and the junkies, gangbangers, and cops all come out to prey on the weak. But is what Lolo perceives truly reality? And why won't his girlfriend Lala come out to see him?

"Written by Jonathan Blow. "