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Whoa, that OP is messed up. How did you manage that?

I wasn't a fan of Casino Royale, precisely because of the things you named as being unimportant. Q is a great character, and the film suffered without him and his gadgets. Poker can be interesting to watch at a professional level, but an entire movie about poker can get a little bit monotonous. He killed, what, two people in that entire film? Now, I'm not one of those who believes that every movie needs excessive levels of violence, but it's James Bond, and James Bond films do.

Also, I don't much like Daniel Craig as an actor.

So all in all, I enjoyed it whilst I was watching it, I suppose, but afterwards I was thinking "what the hell did I just watch?"

Disclaimer: I like the Pierce Brosnan films. This probably invalidates my opinion, so I defer to your expertise, amp.

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