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Despite being a Nintendo fanboy, I never got a Wii this generation. Whenever I considered the prospect, either monetary issues came up or the DS/3DS got some cool new game that could hold me over. But now that the Wii and its games are becoming cheaper and cheaper, with Wiis going for as low as $99, I'm strongly considering making the plunge.

That said, I'm cheap. I dislike having to pay $40 for a game, let alone the $50 standard for Wii titles. I can't afford a new system and top-priced games, especially after buying a 3DS at launch. And if I get a Wii, spending money would be short for a while.

That's why I'm asking you, the VGChartz community, to recommend me some CHEAP Wii games, preferably $20 or less.

For context, as a fan of several Zelda games, I already plan on getting Twilight Princess some day. My only consoles ever have been the N64 and PS2, so GameCube ports and Virtual Console recommendations would be appreciated. I like RPGs, platformers, action adventures, and strategy games.

Love and tolerate.