Jumpin said:
I actually hope that Nintendo keeps the Wii Fit franchise and builds on it.

I guess we could put WiiFit inside educational software. There are various of ways they could improve the title. Like finally integrating their DS pedometers or use the built-in one in 3DS (with a 3DS Fit application). Or maybe adding a heart beat monitor to help you with breathing and motivate yourself just like in EA Sports Active.

bobgamez said:

I was just about to make a thread about this, but ya saved me the trouble

I always thought it was a perfect educational machine. On the tv screen, it showcases how to draw letters, shapes, numbers, etc... And on the wiiu pad you are able to write what you see on the screen and it detects how accurate you are. This is much better than other tablets and Handhelds/phones because the screen is perfectly sized for it, you can have a stylus to write with, and you have a tv to work with. I think it would work great

You are more than welcomed! I myself was thinking about this just after someone posted an E3 2011 recap. I saw that geometry game again after all these months and remembered my cousins or nephews playing two months ago with their iPads with memory, sounds/vehicles, letter apps.

Although this isn't the core direction Nintendo is aiming for the WiiU (going by recent statements). I still think they need to keep that family base and try expand it further. Just like those older customers they got with the brain games or weight conscious ones with the exercises. Iwata said last E3 that the Wii U direction is deep and wide; meaning toddlers, kids, teenagers, adults, elderly... everyone?

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