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I personally give the game a 8/10. Considering how the 3DS still lacks a true 9/10 game in my harsh opinion, this is very good. (I'm one of those people who only gives a perfect score to a game every decade or so).

Fun Dialogue
Precise Controls
Lots of Content
Great Air Sections
Loads of Bosses
Alright Multiplayer
Pretty Graphics
Stellar Soundtrack

Learning Curve for the Controls
Convoluted Plot

Seriously, this game reminds me of one of those long running anime like Dragon Ball or Naruto, where you end up with completely different main antagonists depending on where you are in the game. You can even divide the game into sagas!

Chapters 1-9: The Medusa Saga
Chapters 10-14: The Three-Way War Saga
Chapters 15-17: The Aurum Saga
Chapters 18-25: The Surprisingly Serious Saga

All we need is an alien with multiple forms and we'd be set. No wait, I think one of the Aurum bosses did that.

Love and tolerate.