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SecondWar said:
Acevil said:
SecondWar said:
They've started doing it with Doctor Who now as well. Something that should make the writers reconsider this is that the second half of the series was much worse that the first. Contributes to a list of reason as to why I probably won't be watching the next series.

They started doing it because of the American airing of the show, they want to cater to that audience as well. 

But seeing as its a British programme, why dont they leave it how it is for us? I'm happy for BBC America to split it in two if thats what Americans like by why ruin it in the show's home country? Anyway Doctor Who has being going in America for several years and this is the first one they've done it. And as I said before, the show fell flat on its face in the second half of the series.

This year was really the first real year in America, despite it being aired in America in the past. 

I hate breaks, given I can understand christmas breaks, however spring -> fall breaks are stupid as hell.