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In terms of my favourite actor to play James Bond, Timothy Dalton is the one; although this might have mostly to do with Nostalgia as The Living Daylights and License to Kill were the two big Bond movies when I got into Bond, and it was a long time before Goldeneye.

I felt Lazenby got an unjustified bad rap for being the first guy to replace Sean Connery; I thought he did a good job, and felt Lazenby would have been better to play the role of Bond in Diamonds are Forever - but Roger Moore really kicked ass in Live and Let Die and I can't imagine anyone else in the role except him. On Her Majesties Secret Service is actually my favourite Bond movie, but admittedly not at all for the actor who played Bond, and more for the actual story of the movie, the Bond girl, the setting (Swiss Alps), and of course Blofeld as the villain. In terms of story, I felt the only Bond movie to rival this one was From Russia With Love.

Speaking of story, aside from On Her Majesties Secret Service and From Russia With Love, I felt Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton's films generally had the better stories in them than the rest of them.

There isn't really an actor who I thought was a bad Bond, I liked them all for the different flavours they brought to the series.

On Brosnan - I thought his best movie was Goldeneye, but I felt that he played the role of Bond much better in Tomorrow Never Dies.

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