Reasonable said:
Slimebeast said:
Why is there that big of a difference between the 58.7 million for X360 sales on the front page of VGC while in this thread Seece says 60 million?

Also I dont understand where all these sales are coming from. How can X360 outsell 2010 when its got no formal price drop? Also Kinect sales have beel slumping thru all year so it's hard to understand where that boost comes from.

Either he's speaking ahead of updates or talking about official shipped numbers.  In the industry the shipped numbers define the public sales.  60 million shipped with 58.7 million sold seems acceptable.

Can't seem to find the post you mention so hard to say without reading his actual words.  Seece is normaly pretty clear in his statements.

No no no this weeks numbers have not been added to the bar graph on the main page yet. What you can see there are the numbers before Black Friday week. With the rest of the regions coming in, the 360 will be above 60M for the BF week.


EDIT: Meh too late