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goforgold said:
sega4life said:
Said it before and again:

Xbox 360 + No Price Cut + Six Years Old + Half a Million Sales + Before Black Friday = AMAZING!

you know I've never understood this "no price cut" stuff

when the ps3 outsold the 360 being  $100-200 more, that's a impressive sales considering the price difference

but the 360 is currently one of, if not the least expensive console on the market and have been so since 2008, and has been at the mass market price point longer than any console this gen, ps3 JUST went below 300 dollars and it still isn't 199, but the 360 has been there since 08 and that's was *counts on fingers* 3 years ago (when the cheapest ps3 was $400)

The thing is though since the ps3 pricecut, in the only place we get average console price data, from the npd, the 360 is selling at a higher average price then the ps3 despite being a year older and having a console priced at supposed "mass market" price, which as it turns out is selling much worse then the other skus considering Npd revealed the average 360 was selling for around 280$ in America in September. Idk if they revealed the average price in october.

I don't think people realize mass market price isn't just some magic number for all consoles. It heavily depends on what people value the product they are buying. I firmly believe that was $300. I don't think the ps3 at $200 will not experience anywhere near the sales explosion it did when the price went down to $300 at the slim launch, at least not in western countries.