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pezus said:
I find it hard to believe that the PS3 and 360 version are that close in EMEAA, the 360 version outsold the PS3 version in the UK by only about 250k so VGC is saying the PS3 version outsold the 360 version in the rest of the countries by only 250k total? Considering Germany probably at least accounts for a 200k gap, it's just hard to believe.

Still - it's all just speculation from me so I won't say the magic word

This. I think the 360 version will get adjusted down at least 100k in emeaa and the PS3 version adjusted up 100k in emeaa. The difference should be at least around 300k in emeaa but I'm just speculation. I'm assuming combined WW sales are correct since activision released actual info on how much it sold first week. Also I think ps3 will get adjusted up in EMEAA or 360 will be adjusted down since MW3 didn't have a limited edition console in Europe.

Anyway incredible Skyrim numbers. Once the game releases in Japan next week, skyrim's first week sales will be 1mil+ on the PS3, 2mil+ on the 360 and again speculation but I think with Digital sales 1mil+ on the PC considering the ridiculous number of players online simontaniously during the initial launch at steam. I guess that bethesda announcement didn't include digital sales or at least vgchartz doesn't think it did.

I actually think this game will sell very well in Japan. Oblivion sold 140k on the ps3 version and this time the ps3 has a much bigger install base and isn't get a year late port. I think 350k+ lifetime is possible for skyrim(ps3). Sadly I don't think the 360 version will be able to match 360 oblivion numbers but maybe it can reach 100k.