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So I loved the film, 2nd best Potter movie since goblet of fire!

But its been wayyy overrated by critics. I mean critically its toe to toe with Return Of The King...lolololol puh lease



Harry, Ron, Hermione...never have I cared so much about characters on screen, the actors were charming, believable and emotional...excellently acted

Neville bits

Hogwarts manning the boundaries and the defense bits

Ralph Fienes

THE 19 years later ENDING FOR HAVING THE "Leaving Hogwarts" Theme in it!!!

Many little little things


Parts where it felt like the film stopped "flowing"..pacing was slightly weak in parts

Molly Weasley's big moment came across as fake and cheap

I Didn't feel that emotional...dunno why..many emotional parts were rushed

Felt too dragged on to me in parts, which is bad I shouldn't bee feeling that

The soundtrack was mediocre in parts


So overall 9/10 so A-

Great film but nowhere near as good as other saga finale's like Return Of The King, Return Of The Jedi, Revenge Of The Sith etc

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey