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Khuutra said:


Wrong answer.

One, I was referring to this "you should pay for it" thing, which is just a way to stifle dialogue and does not promote learning or thought in any way. You do a disservice to yourself and to the people around you by repeating that load of garbage over and over.

Second, you are wrong concerning the Youtube vids. Lack of action does not actually imply consent; it's still actionable and it's still copyright violation. Unless Nintendo or Square specifically release their music into the public domain, the existence of those songs on Youtube is still copyright infringement, and so is your hotlinking them on this forum. Congratulations, you fell ass backwards into a bubbling toilet of copyright infringement of a different color. Or, if you prefer, YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT, and even then you aren't allowed to post it on Youtube. That's how copyright works.

Thirdly, you're going to miss that picture of my wife when this avatar starts inevitably informing how I post.

So me actually posting those videos from Youtube is practically Pirating?

/hangs self.