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MrBubbles said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:

Microsoft really needs to drop this franchise as an exclusive. Sony dropped Quantum Theory and I feel that was in the best interest of quality.

microsoft owns this.  sony never owned quantum theory afaik...

First of all Microsoft doesn't own anything pertaining to the franchise. Konami is publishing these titles. Microsoft might have paid Konami to make sure it stays exclusive (not like Sony or Nintendo cares anyway). Quantum Theory might end up being way better than NNN2 so it just shows how high Sony's quality controls attention to detail is. If you tally average exclusives its not going to help anything for Microsoft. Microsoft might close out 2010 better than Sony but 2011 will be all Sony until Gears 3 launches. Microsoft is relying too much on second and third party titles. 

first of all... MICROSOFT OWNS NINETY NINE NIGHTS.  IT IS THEIR FRANCHISE. IT BELONGS TO THEM (MICROSOFT).  microsoft let konami publish the second game. 

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