Vetteman94 said:

No thats not what I am saying,  changing everything to an FPS would change the core gameplay to something it isnt.  Making a 2D Platformer into 3D is just adding a 3rd dimension of travel, not adding guns and changing what you are supposed to do in a game.  Thats stupid to think there are the same thing.

How many damn reasons would you like me to come up with before my f***ing opinion pleases everyone?  I could give examples but then people would disagree with them. So what would the point be in that? 

I never said that 2D games were bad,  all I said was that I think games are more fun in 3D.

Also, isnt Mario 64 considered to be the greatest Mario game ever?   Which just so happens to be its first venture into the 3D world?  

Yes, changing everything into a FPS would change the gameplay of many games.  But this is also the case when you add another dimension to a 2D platformer.  Mario in 2D plays fundamentally different from Mario in 3D.

As for Mario 64, it had traditionally been considered the greatest 3D Mario ever, but that seems to have changed somewhat with the release of Galaxy.  It is rarely compared to the 2D Marios because as I said before, these are fundamentally different games.

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