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RolStoppable said:
RolStoppable said:

No way. The game can be tough at times. Superstar Saga is much easier, after all you are only using two characters and buttons instead of four.

That's why PiT is easier than SS, is far easier to die in SS than in Pit because of the difference in characters.

I don't consider this a problem, by only having two characters and buttons it's less likely that a character dies due to pressing the wrong button. More importantly, it's much easier and faster to outlevel the enemies in SS due to the double EXP item and just about everything becomes a cakewalk. In PIT it happens much more often that you get your ass kicked and have to use healing items, simply because there isn't any efficient way to grind in case you need it.

That's true but I still find PiT easier than SS because I NEVER died in PiT.

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