metalmonstar said:
I thought 500K was good sales for a game? Also how do you say it flopped when the company itself said they were pleased?

It is called being a blind fanboy, a lot of people suffer from it.


But seriously GTA:CW wasn't a huge seller but it will definitely eclipse a million on the DS and probably a little more on the PSP and this think is a top down GTA that probably took less than a year to make with a fraction of the budget of console GTAs - it is a success, perhaps not a raging success, but a success none the less.

And now they are talking about a sequel, if Take-Two is smart enough to make it 3D or at least semi-3D then they will see it sell 2x or more than the first.

Currently dreaming of: DKC4 or Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (classic 2D platformers) for WiiWare, Smash Bros. for DSi, New Super Mario World for DSi, a Wii remake or true sequel of Final Fantasy Tactics.

One down, hopefully more awesomeness to come.