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makingmusic476 said:
Kantor said:

Okay, I'll go back and play it.


Sorry, Wipeout HD, you'll have to be neglected for a while.

Now, should I play on Normal again, or give Hard a shot?

First, a general comment. Shadow of the Colossus is perhaps the most unique game I have ever played, and certainly one of the best. The colossi were all different, the music was fantastic, the graphics (ignoring Wander) were excellent, and the entire game was an amazing ride.


Hate to be forcing your hand there...

Well, I did just complete my second playthrough a couple of months ago, but playing SoTC again is hardly a punishment

I'll try it on hard.

My favourite colossi are number 9 (Geysers), number 14 (Breaking the Ruins) and number 15 (inside the ruined castle).

Number 13 was really aggravating, I thought. He took me forever. I hate getting onto him only to fall off due to my crappy R1 button.

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