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This is different from the stickied thread in that these are not just console numbers (although feel free to include those) but any sales/gaming related predictions at all, similar to this thread from last year.

18th November 2009 Update:

1) PS3- 34 million It won't happen, but I'll see how close I was.

2) X360- 39 million Seems about right.

3) Wii- 77 million Little high? Won't get close. Yup, WAY too high. Might as well just say FAILED.

4) PS3 will outsell the Wii on GT5 launch week Which will hopefully be in 2009. Not 2009. n/a.

5) God of War III will make it out in 2009 FAILED

6) PS3 will get a price cut in Q1 or Q2 FAILED

7) Final Fantasy XIII, if it makes it out in 2009, will sell better on PS3 than X360. Not coming in 2009. Except in Japan, where it will sell 0 copies on 360. Loophole, SUCCESS!

8) BioShock 2 will sell better on X360 (no brainer) Not 2009. n/a

9) Killzone 2 will have sold well over 3 million units by the end of the year Highly unlikely. 

10) Heavy Rain will not sell very well, 1.5 million by year end if it's lucky. Not coming this year. n/a. Also, WAY too high!

11) MGS4 will not come to the Xbox 360, and will not be announced for the Xbox 360 Pretty much confirmed. SUCCESS!

12) Trico will be named and scheduled for release sometime in 2009 Nah, it's 2010. FAILED.

13) Mass Effect 2 will be on (announced for) PS3 Highly unlikely. But not failed yet.

14) An MGS4 "Substance" game will be released, exclusively for the PS3 Not yet, and probably not happening.

15) Gran Turismo 5 will sell over 3 million WW on its opening week. Not 2009, probably too high. n/a

16) PS3 will beat 360 WW in sales for 2009. Extremely likely.

17) PS3 will re-overtake the 360 in Europe. Already happened. SUCCESS!

18) PS3 will be $300 by the end of the year Probably. SUCCESS!

19) Little Big Planet will be released on PSP SUCCESS

20) Killzone 2 will sell around a million WW opening week. FAILED.

21) PS3 sales in Japan will be well over 100k in FFXIII's release week, above the Wii. Likely.

22) Gran Turismo 5 will have a bigger opening week than Wii Sports Resort. Duh. GT5 not 2009, though. n/a

23) Wii Sports Resort will not sell anywhere near what its prequel has sold, due to it not being bundled with all Wiis in NA and EU. Duh. I might as well just say SUCCESS!

24) God of War III will sell around 1 million WW first week. Not 2009, n/a

25) God of War III will be tracking above Killzone 2 by year end. No, it'll be at 0. n/a

26) God of War III will outsell both of its predecessors (judging by shifty VGC data for the second game, according to IGN GoW2 has actually outsold GoW) Not a 2009 prediction... n/a

27) Gran Turismo 5 will sell at least 2 million first week WW. I've said this. edited 27/7. Not 2009, n/a

28) Gran Turismo 5 will be the best selling PS3 exclusive of 2009, followed by Killzone 2 (due to its February release date), followed by God of War III Last one isn't happening. GT5 and GoWIII are not releasing. n/a

29) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will sell around 700k opening week WW. Looking very likely. 820k. Close enough. SUCCESS.

30) Heavy Rain, Killzone 2, inFamous, God of War III, Gran Turismo 5, Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clank Future 2 and Trico will all score 9+ from IGN. All games which released were 9+. SUCCESS!

31) Ratchet and Clank Future 2 will make it out in 2009... SUCCESS!

32) IGN will give more 9+ games to the PS3 than the X360 or Wii. So far, yes.

33) Gran Turismo 5 will be the best selling HD game of 2009. Maybe. I meant single SKU btw. Not 2009. n/a

34) inFamous will sell around 500,000 first week. LOLZ FAILED.

35) inFamous will be above 90 on Metacritic. FAILED.

36) Halo 3 ODST will do over 2 million first week SUCCESS!

37) The Wii will be the best selling home console for 2009 (I need a correct one ) Looking extremely likely.

38) God of War III will not make 2009 SUCCESS!

39) Uncharted 2 will be released in December 2009 FAILED confirmed for mid-October.

40) Uncharted 2 will be a million seller by the end of 2009. Did it in two weeks! SUCCESS!

41) With a price cut, the PS3 will beat the 360 in holiday sales for 2009. Extremely likely.

42) Without a PS3 price cut, the 360 will beat the PS3 in holiday sales for 2009. n/a

43) CrazzyMan will be permabanned by the end of the year. Unfortunately, yes. SUCCESS!

44) I will be a VGC obsessive (5001 posts) by the end of July. SUCCESS

45) VGC 2.0 will be launched in June or July (I wish lol) May, actually. FAILED.

46) We will get at least one new moderator by the end of this year SUCCESS! And it was the one I predicted, too!

47) Supermario128 will be a VGC god by the end of May. Earlier. SUCCESS!

48) This thread will reach five pages by the end of 2009. On track.

49) The PSP will receive more 90+ (metacritic) titles this year than last year (lol, it needs 2 or more!) Currently just one. Is there anything left that can still make 90+? Unlikely.

50) Versus XIII will not be announced for 360 before 1st January 2010. Not yet. On track.


Successes so far: 16

Fails so far: 9.

N/A's so far: 12. Mostly to do with GT5.

Still Pending: 13.


And you people said I sucked at predicting! HA! 16/25 correct. 64% isn't bad, right?

(Former) Lead Moderator and (Eternal) VGC Detective