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BengaBenga said:
It's sad that VC sold so poorly. Really sad.

I hate it that a big part of it is because of the graphics. Sure SRPGs are niche, but Fire Emblem sold 400k in the US.

And to be clear: I think this would have bombed on the 360 as well. It's just sad that realistic graphics are so much prefered by much of the HD userbase.


it would have at least helped it on the 360.... also some advertising.... I was anticipating this game, and liked the art direction reminded me a bit of crackdown which i enjoyed the cell shading (one of the best cell shaded games ive ever played). 


I also think this game didnt have a clear identity to gamers who were not intersted in the game before it came out which hurts it too... 

edit: this game would have done best on the pc... its just where strategy games shine.

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