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Nintendo is up to their trickery again. Selling and selling and create a shortage to pretend they are extending their fad into 3 years. They'll never beat the 10 years plan.

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Well, I know Amazon is sold out of Wiis. Unless Nintendo increased the price to $250.

OoSnap said:
Well, I know Amazon is sold out of Wiis. Unless Nintendo increased the price to $250.

oh snap.

Nintendo is doing this purposely so they never get a 50% marketshare in order to make it look like there is some sort of competition between them and everyone else. Competiton is healthy for the business.

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coolguy said:
I have about 6 stores close to each other toys r us. best buy. 3 video game stores
and a target and they have tons of wiis piled up every where

Where is there?


I can say that the two Wal-Marts and the Target near me have had not had a Wii in two weeks. Can't say much about other stores since I am not in the market for one and only notice when the case is empty.


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Solid_Snake4RD said:
if Wii is having shortages then what about PS3 120gb shortages

We are talking proper shortages here, not make believe ones!



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It's probably due to the duct tape shortage caused by Apple and the iPad.

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Interestingly PS2 had shortages this year during it's lifespan i beleive as well... though that was due to a pricecut or the slim... or something like that.

The Wii is still selling? But I thought Nintendo was doomed.... Who changed it!

Seriously though, if you couldn't predict this, following the release of New Super Mario Bros Wii and the Christmas rush, you aren't very good at predicting stuff. Its to be expected that there would be some shortages at stores, but obviously not to this degree (obviously even Nintendo didn't foresee this amount of upswing in popularity in the Christmas season).

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The Wii is out of stock online on all the major stores I've checked, as of right now. Amazon, Target, Best Buy, you name it. Go see for yourself - only bundles (like Walmart's) are in stock.

I'm a bit surprised. Can't say the same for the PS3, they seem to be available online at least.

@Kasz216: If you're talking about the PS2 slim shortages, that was its 4th year, it ended up getting beat by the Xbox a few months including November & December. (some links here)