Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Anyone believe or hope Microsoft will leave the videogame business?

The only possibility that I can think of for microsoft leaving the video game industry is that if someone takes microsoft to court, filing a case against the xbox 360, and win. This could be quite dangerous because some fans may take extreme action to cope with the discontinuity of the xbox brand. Like cutting themselves, etc. Thats besides the point but still.

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not that it would ever happen i would love to see sony/ms team up next gen where sony handles the hardware side of things and MS handles the OS side of things.

I don't like their business tactics and how it feels they don't really take video games seriously. I don't hope they leave the video game business, but improve.

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Demotruk said:
In the unlikely situation that Sony leaves the market AND they can't make much profit AND they see no more threat from consoles to their main business.

That would just encourage them as it would mean the market divided between just two incumbant players and how many other newcomers. Not that im implying that Sony would, the PS* brand is worth more than the losses the PS3 has incurred thus far which explains their continued interest in forging forward inspite of losses.

kitler53 said:
not that it would ever happen i would love to see sony/ms team up next gen where sony handles the hardware side of things and MS handles the OS side of things.

I always thought that a MS/Nintendo team might be better. Microsoft making the network and OS backbone with Nintendo making the GUI, interface and games with them both sharing the cost of the hardware. Sony and Microsoft are too similar, I think you need two which compliment each others strengths.

OTOH I don't think Sony and Nintendo would work very well together as they have a 'history' and Nintendo have proved they can make fast and cheap hardware but they lack in 3rd party tools and getting other publishers on board and they are far behind on network integration and Microsoft has already got the network Nintendo would want to employ once they get their real time bleeping online.

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iHuGi said:
No one should leave ... Competition is Good , without Microsoft there was no InFamous or Killzone ... without Sony there was no Forza MotorSport or Gears of War .

Actually, Epic was working on this project long before they had a publisher. Just so happens that Microsoft put faith into the franchise, and decided to publish it. Good move IMO.


Nope i always like microsoft consoles i will agree tho red ring is terrible tho but microsoft made profits on the 360 so they arnt goin stop

If I had my choice, I'd trade Sony and MS for Dreamcast era Sega...

Yes, i'd like them to quit, they have done enough damage to both PC games and console games, however, they won't.

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more hoping of a sony/microsoft team up for next generation.