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Nintendo 64, we had a Sega Genesis and a SNES but the N64 was the first console that was actually mine.

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The Atari 2600 was my first console.

My grandfather got it for me.

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My first console was the Genesis and me and my dad spent hours playing the orignal Sonic game. Oh what fun times we had. A couple years later I purchased the SNES and time was split about 50/50 between the two consoles until Donkey Kong Country came out.


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An Amstrad CPC 464. Was actually orginally my cousins and I just had it passed down to me.

If that doesn't count then it was probably the Game Boy.

My first owned console was a Mega Drive with Sonic The Hedgehog.

So many great memories... all the Sonic games, Streets of Rage games, Golden Axe, Altered Beast!

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Atari 800XL - Ah the memories!


NES and Atari 2600.

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It was my brothers, but I still played it.

PS1 would be the first that was (also) mine. But we (me and my brother) had that one in Japan and only went there for summer vacations.

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Severance said:
i see almost everyone here started with the NES.

comeone! atleast one of you had the Atari! (heck people here still call consoles to this day "Atari" , like, "yeah im buying my kid this atari thing" or "atari toy thing", for a PS3!)

Right here. I started gaming on an Atari console, but it was so long ago and I was so young that I don't even remember what it is called.