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Well after doing some research on shambala (shangri-la)  and el dorado, they are all mythlogical places connected to one another. However there are other places connected to these as well and they are:

The fountain of youth: of the coast or in Florida.

and the holy grail

This is from wikipedia when you search for El Dorado: El Dorado bears similarity to other myths such as the Fountain of Youth, Shangri-la, and to some extent the term "white whale" which refers to Captain Ahab's obsession in the book Moby Dick.

And this is  from Shangri-la (Shambhala) when you searc for it on wikipedia: other mythical and famous examples of somewhat similar metaphors such as The Holy Grail, El Dorado, The Fountain of Youth, and to an extent "white whale" (referring to the white whale chased by the obsessed Captain Ahab in the book Moby-Dick).

As you can see, both El Dorado and shangri-la are mentioned.

This of course could be wrong and the next uncharted game could be about William Shakespear I dunno.

But in both Uncharted games the nazis have been involved, that, I think, is not a coincidence.

I'll let you have your say!


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uncharted 3: the nazi clowns

Uncharted 3:
A cool and mysterious name 2

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bizzle said:
uncharted 3: the nazi clowns

Nate would shit him self. 

correction, Nazi zombie clowns

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lmao clowns

Ajescent said:
correction, Nazi zombie clowns

Still the only part of the first one that I don't like too much.

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The twist could be that Nate has to fight off baby Nazi clowns

twingo said:
bizzle said:
uncharted 3: the nazi clowns

Nate would shit him self. 

...kinda spoiler?


Remember they are a 10/10.


OT: I don't care what the story is about, it's the damn characters I love.

The next game could take place in a basement and I'd still buy it.

How about slippery naked demon yeti clowns with Sully's moustache?

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