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Yes... I bought Universal Studios Adventure for GameCube..

Also Wind Waker was my first Zelda, which isn't a regret in itself as it and Majora's Mask are my favourites but the fact that I missed so many years without playing a Zelda title..


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Now when I think about it, I think one of my biggest regrets is not playing enough Mario games on SNES. I was very young when my parents purchased the Super Nintendo and I just enjoyed playing it with my sisters. I didn't really know what Mario games were out there. I just played whatever my parents bought. However, when I got the N64, I played a lot of Mario games.


I've got a few more to add:

1, Buying a Wii
2, Selling my Dreamcast

not taking better care of my DS when i was moving house... >.<

also: not remembering where I put Moonwalk. I coulda got like £100 for that a couple of weeks ago on ebay...

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selling half of my n64 and gamecube collection to gamestop for jack shit.

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Buying a PS2 at launch! Disc read error, disc read error, disc read error. I will NEVER buy anything at launch, unless it's Nintendo of course :)

Still have my launch N64 and it works perfect to this day!

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