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Yes, yes thats already a known brand, when people think microsoft and games they think xbox (well not really maybe PC, xbox brand is strong,etc.

I already know thats what some people are gonna say. I dont think its really true.

When I first heard about the orginal X-box I couldnt believe MS chose such a stupid and generic name. I mean "X" Xtreme and gaming and all that bullshit. X-box sounds so stupid. Xbox 360 sounds even worse. There is also no way in hell the next one is gonna have 720 in the title.

Its obvious I dont like the name but Im sure others do. Im not trolling I just think its bad name and if they change it they could change the image of Xbox and hell even tap into a Japanese market.If something sells bad you can always rebrand it and just make it more appealing.

Shit....Im going off-topic.

Anyways I think MS should really think of a new name for their next console because X-Box is terrible brand name (not console) and already has a bad image in Japan. Something more appealing and simple that sounds good. (No not like Wii Im not the biggest fan of the "Wii" name either)

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IIRC, it was originally just a code name, (like Revolution), and a shortening of "DirectXBox". For whatever reason, they decided to keep it.

That being said, it's not a terrible name, better than PlayStation (which sounds like a gay bar, hehe , IMO. It has brand recognition, and that's an important thing.

No I like the Xbox brand.


Names don't matter after they are accepted. They are just labels. Changing it now would have nothing but negative implications for MS, and they should never do it.

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As long as the XBox brand is strong, it will probably be used to boost new products. That's a basic principle of marketing.

Mind you, the converse is also true: weak brands should be killed off so that they won't drag new products down. This probably will not stop Sony from jettisoning the PlayStation name after dragging it through the mud this generation, even though they probably should. This isn't to say that Sony should get out of the console business, only that its successor console should have a completely new name, in order to break with the past.

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"already has a bad image in Japan"

They are going to change an established brand name because people in a country with a declining population that pretty much no longer buys consoles have a bad image of it?

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They should never change the name.

It has had 2 generations to build its name brand, and this gen the XBox 360 is doing extremely well. Removing the XBox name from the next console would be a bad decision.

Its a generic name but i like it i just hope the next one doesn't have a number after it. they can come up with a cool name for it but just put xbox in front of it.