How do you pronounce Ico?

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None of the above. I say it I-C-O.

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I don't care if I was wrong, I will continue to pronounce it Eye-co, because Ee-co sounds dumb.

Eye-co obviously...

The other way around Dryden ;)

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nordlead said:
None of the above. I say it I-C-O.



but to be honest I did say Trico with "eye" and not "ee"

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Somebody actually pronounce it Ik-ko? ^^

Lafiel said:

@ bardicverse )

"eye-ko" is likely the natural way of saying it for people from english speaking countries, but in many other languages (like for example my mother tongue, german) I is pronounced "ee"

Interesting. As Im sure you know, for the english language to write the way you pronounce it, it would look like Eco, like economy, ecology. Im trying to think of english words that start with I that give the ee sound. Most I can come up with is "ih" and "eye" sounds for the starting sound.

Too bad my Gaelic isnt up to par, would be interesting how they'd adapt it.

LOL... I never knew how to pronounce it so I would always just spell it I-C-O

I pronounce it eye-ko, and I won't bother changing.