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I'll probably get both!

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FF7 Remake - I'd take that over something I might not like as much, even if I do know whats coming

FFVII I still play that game from time to time,its a classic, and honestly im surprised at how well it held up, the weakest point in it now, the main map graphics and what not can be fixed, and an upgrade to in battle graphics would be nice.

Ive tried other final fantasies and havent really be enamored with them this game was in the right place at the right time, and it has become special to a whole generation of gamers.... It showed me that 3d was the future and i got a ps1 just to play it.

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I'd get both for sure but which I would play first, most likely it would be FFVII

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We i would choose XIII Coz of new story n also coz girls hot(hehe)

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BOTH, in HD =P

I'm going to sidetrack the structure of this thread and vote for ff13VS

FF13... FF7 was overrated...

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New game vs. remake of 8 year old(more? Too lazy to look up the release :P) game....

New game wins.

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i would go with 13, 7 has been done and was a great game so it doesn't need to be remade, also you would know what was gunna happen.