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1. definitely don't change the setting of the game. completely changing the setting would be terrible and would completely take away the fact that it is a zelda game. nothing wrong with reinventing hyrule or something that at least stays close, not every zelda game is set in hyrule afterall.

2. much harder bosses and enemies in my mind is THE most important thing, that is the only bad thing about the zelda series since it hit 3d, enemies way to easy. i'm playing through a link to the past right now (somehow i never played it before! i know that is insane) and its definitely harder than the more recent stuff. next zelda game would benefit greatly from being the hardest one in the the series.

3. more options for weapons and items would be nice too perhaps.

4. nothing wrong with taking a page from some of the rpgs these days that are having things you do in the game actually effect the outcome of the story/plot/ending/the way you play the game. i guess a less linear path.

5. lastly, ground up zelda needs what we all thought of and have been waiting for since the wii controller was first announced: 1 to 1 motion controls. being able to swing the sword in exactly the direction you are swinging the controller and having some great enemy AI so that real awesome sword fights are possible against enemies with weapons: blocking blows, looking for openings, knocking the weapon out of their hands by hitting them just right on the arm or something. if the wii is really capable of 1 to 1 motion this game NEEDS to have it. if not, then at least as close to 1to1 as possible with the current technology. definitely needs to be a lot better than just the A button being mapped to flicking the controller.

also i really like the idea of a war. say a war torn and ravaged hyrule with the oppressed hylians looking to Link as the hero that will lead them. i first thought of that idea back when i first played ocarina of time and boy that would be awesome.

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I actually loved the cel-shaded Zelda.   I thought Wind Waker was better in alot of ways.  Whichever they pick, I don't really care, because it will be amazing none the less.

Number one complaint about the Zelda games: especially TP.  The Bosses are waaaay to easy.  They need to be at least 3x harder.  It should take me at least an hour to beat a boss.  Not 5 minutes.  Difficulty needs to be bumped up a notch.  

Cel-shade or realistic graphics, I could go either way.  Both are really nice in their own way.  

I want to see the return of the "Great Fairy Sword". That thing was sweet. And let's see the future of WW. No Cel-shading, I just want to see them make the new Hyrule.

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I've always wanted a Zelda game where the setting is set in present day in city but Link or the Link representative would still use a sword. Or a sequel to MM I would like that a lot another thing they could do is split into two different style zelda cel shading and one with more "mature" graphics........ but this would be impossible. And last thing make the bosses damn near impossible to beat. I've never had such an easy time run through bosses in a zelda game until a played TP....

tmbh said:
Wasn't there a rumor that a small glimpse of the Wii version would be shown at E3?

I'm not surprised it didn't make an appearance. Anyway here are some things I would like to see.

1) Updated TP style graphics (no cell shading please)
2) More to do-specifically side/mini quests or games - I expected more of this in TP.
3) New + more weapons/Armour or Upgradeable options - TP only had two swords/shields!!
4) Better environments - Some areas in TP although big/huge had little to do in them. Specifically the Gerudo Desert and Snow Peak.

I think some of my criticisms are because TP was basically a GameCube game with Wii controls and not taking advantage of the DVDs space, Wii hardware etc.

 You didn't like the Cave of Ordeals? That was pretty challenging.. also, Snowpeak had snowboarding.. I thought that was one of the best minigame in TP. Took a while to beat Yeta..


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Gelmer said:

This game had actually begun work before Twilight Princess was released due to how far back Twilight Princess was pushed, but still little if anything is known about it. All we know is that its going to be a true from the ground up Zelda game for the Wii. What is is called? I have no clue! What is it about? Triforces of course, but more specifically I'm at a loss. What have you folk heard about this game is there anything on it yet?

Thusly, to make this thread worth your while if this was less than what you were expecting out of the topic, a picture of female ganondorf.

gender swap unrelated to said Zelda game... aw hell no! great idea, make this new Zelda like FFX2 with all female characters (male characters turned into female, etc). It would be awesome.

ok you can cry because if done correctly the game will be good, see FFXIII where main character is female.

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I think you guys are forgetting something. Zelda is SUPPOSED to be the same thing like that.

Familiar settings and characters is what it's all about, with a whole new(ish) Adventure.

Kind of like Dragon Warrior.

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If Zelda is to "remain the same", they have to change the scope and massively focus on the 'smaller' elements of the game.

You start as a stable hand, within the castle. You spend the first 10 hrs learning how to use a sword, and wandering around the castle - which has proper Wiimote control. No longer do you just "flick" and kill multiple enemies at once - its now difficult, and takes a while to kill a single, simple enemy (much more in depth).

You can climb surfaces ala PoP or Assassins Creed.

Maybe using the balance board as well - could be interesting.

It just has to be new - I don't want to play Ocarina AGAIN - with prettier gfx, Wiimote control alone. Even TP got tiring in the most part.


Or for something completely different:

- a witch has cursed you, and switch your spirit(?) with Ganons. You are in Ganons body, and he is in yours!

- he acts the goody-goody, taking over the throne - while you are banished from the land.

- you play the villain. You have to defeat all the shrines, and can either do so with maximum force/violence - or by acting as a "good" baddie. Ultimately you face off with Link - and have to defeat him - and then revert to your original forms.

Could be cute...?

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Shadow)OS said:
I think you guys are forgetting something. Zelda is SUPPOSED to be the same thing like that.

Familiar settings and characters is what it's all about, with a whole new(ish) Adventure.

Kind of like Dragon Warrior.

Really? Look at the new Mario game.

Zelda (IMO) is about a particular style of gameplay - more so than a particular setting. Wind Waker was an awesome Zelda (much, much better than TP IMO) - and it had little to do with Hyrule.

One of my friends suggested a WWII epic - where you discover Ganon is the driving force behind Hitler. The very concept excites me greatly (imagine Link "looking down at a rifle in his hands - and feeling distraught") - but I imagine the subject material is far too difficult (and controversial) for Nintendo.



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Umm, shams, any idea that suggests a WWII theme instantly makes baby Jesus cry and kills 40 baby seals. Sorry. Just how life is.

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