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For me it takes quite a while to load everything as it is - hope it doesnt deter league members to check regularly. To be honest for me, I think twice now when I click on to this thread because of the load time.

May I also ask why is Ronster out of the league? He was the only one who had a chance of beating Freeoscar at the top.

You did a great job. Thanks!!

EMULATION is the past.....NOW.......B_E_L_I_E_V_E



Intentionally left blank.

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Looking good

Thought id share with you all... i got 1000 gs on Res 5 today.

Just posting here so this new thread gets listed in my forum posts.

Good work NeoRatt! It loaded fast for me.

VestmanX, you're a beast! I noticed you had the full 1,000. Well done. I doubt I place in the tournament due to me doing a mega trade and getting 5 new games last week. Too much to play!

Great work of course, good to see this continuing after all those issues. I will get back to my Xbox this summer

Good work.

And may i ask what was with all the shenanigans with the other league thread??