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Uggghh... Fire Emblem/Valkyria Chronicles style shops and stuff? Why can't they make you enter the shops and talk to a 3D model instead of jumping straight to a menu? The Wii can process it, and DVDs are big enough.

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Why is Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 getting so much hate? We finally get a real game and they're not even satisfied... I'm starting to hate the gaming community so f****** much...

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When's it coming out?

Soriku said:

Probably over 100k. Don't know how much though.


No. Also, the screens are crappy but the last trailer was VERY nice graphically so it definitely looks better in motion. Also, how can you complain about it being generic when you like ToS: DotNW?

I said the screens dont do it justice.

DotNW was my first console JRPG so its automatically up there. Tales of is ARPG not Turn-Based. Turn-Based RPGs arent as fun as actions RPGs. DotNW character desings look better than these in and out of the game.

ARF art style doesnt work for me.


It has a some nice environments and the summons/mechs look neat but in game battles look boring.

ARF doesn't exactly look like the prettiest title on the Wii, but I still think the screenshots look decent for the most part. What REALLY attracts me to this game though is the fact that it's a genuine RPG and that Yasunori Mitsuda is scoring it. His score for CHRONO TRIGGER is one of my favorite soundtracks, and I am really looking forward to his work here.

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For the record Im not talking shit about the graphics Im talking about the style. The cities and summons look neat but character models and all the effects look meh. Yoshidas character designs didnt translate well. Im also not a huge fan of turn-based battles. After playing DotNW I learned how awesome Action-RPGs are.

I just hate the blond fucker with the blue and white vest. His design is so atrocious it infuriates me and makes me want to choke him to death. If I ever get a choice to kill him in the game, I'll do it with a passion.

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Yay! I'm finally glad to see actual gameplay shots!

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Wow. O_O.

There's just something about the visuals in Arc Rise Fantastia that I don't like... they look a little old? They remind me of Pokemon Colosseum for GameCube and that game didn't come close to reaching the Cube's full capacity. Don't get me wrong there's more detail in general than Colosseum, it's just the style is very similar.

I'll still pick it up if it's a good game though.


looks nice

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